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Building Man

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Created: Wednesday March 6, 2013

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Welcome to the re-imagination of small festival culture and beyond. Inspired by Burning Man and remixed by Babylon the Beautiful. This is Building Man.

Our 100% participatory, volunteer-led gatherings of like minded people and projects will pioneer gift-led economics and embrace a brave new world of post-scarcity abundance.

Rather than 'leaving no trace,' Building Man will invest time and energy in the development of permanent site infrastructures and community arts hubs, supporting a growing awareness that conventional models of ecologically conscious festival making have been outmoded.

The Building Man Co-operative is organised exclusively by volunteers, emerging as part of a network of radically open multi-stakeholder co-operatives. Localised and radically inclusive, our experimental approach will integrate both theory and practice while combining experts, volunteers, resources and infrastructures in ambitious new patterns of co-creation “inspired by Nature.”

It's 2013 and we've had the cosmic shift. Are you ready to help build the change?

Building Man

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