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BCEP - Bradford Community Environment Project

Project location: Yorkshire & Humber | West Yorkshire | Bradford

Part of the Clusters: Carbon Reduction | Project Dirt

Type: Registered charity

Carbon Reduction Composting Conservation Education Gardening Waste & Resources Wildlife & Conservation

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Created: Monday February 25, 2013

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BCEP (Bradford Community Environment Project)working for a better Bradford

Vision: Bradford a district of content, healthy communities which work together to lead sustainable lifestyles. Communities wisely use their renewable, reusable and recyclable resources. People work with natural systems to address local needs and families treasure green spaces.

Mission: To contribute to the sustainable regeneration of Bradford District, through effective environmental programmes, inspired by community needs.

  • Working towards Sustainable Practices
  • Responsive to Community needs
  • Professional in our work, delivering in an approachable manner
  • Effective – we get things done, BCEP is an agent for change
  • Committed to partnership working – maintain good working relationships with other organisations, share knowledge through networks and explore new delivery methods.
  • A good employer, valuing staff and providing a safe and pleasant working environment

Main areas of work are:

  • Environmental education
  • Supporting and encouraging local food growing
  • Green space improvements
  • Environmental play

BCEP - Bradford Community Environment Project

Yorkshire & Humber | West Yorkshire | Bradford


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