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Project location: South East | Kent | Maidstone

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Created: Wednesday January 23, 2013

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Communigrow is food and farming social enterprise based on land leased from East Malling Research at Ditton, near Maidstone, Kent. It uses ‘Community Supported Agriculture’ (or CSA) to bring people, our community, into all operations and organisation and provides sustainably grown food and otherwise unavailable opportunities to learn and experience growing and farming to anyone living within a 3 mile radius.

Working as a community and with the right support we can build new connections between farm and people, producer and consumer, into a natural form of farming and growing for ourselves. We organise local people, schools and groups through direct contact and encourage all to become involved in all aspects from field to table.
Growing with community groups since 2011 it is this year that we have finalised our charitable purpose through support of the School of Social Entrepreneurs Laurence's start-up fellowship and over 80 local people as friends and customers.
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South East | Kent | Maidstone