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Friends of Everton Park

Project location: North West | Merseyside | Liverpool

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Type: Informal community project

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Created: Friday July 15, 2011

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The Friends of Everton Park is part of the family of Parks Friends Groups in Liverpool, which actively contribute to the improvement, management and upkeep of their local parks. 

Everton Park is close to Liverpool city centre and offers amazing views over the city, the docks, the river and the sea. Though a modern park, it has lots of historical points of interest including the famous Lock-up (pictured), which is featured on the crest of Everton Football Club. 

Anyone is welcome to join the Friends of Everton Park. We are an open organisation dedicated to making the park a great place for people to enjoy. There are many opportunities to take part, from planning and organising events to history and heritage projects, to growing and greening activities and loads more. 

Contact us by phone on 0151 282 7654 or by email at [email protected]. We're on Facebook too.

Friends of Everton Park

North West | Merseyside | Liverpool