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Project location: North West | Greater Manchester

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Type: Co-operative | @envirolution

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Created: Tuesday June 12, 2012

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Envirolution is a community cooperative based in Greater Manchester which aims to create a catalyst for environmental and social change. We work with our local communities to create innovative solutions for how we can live more sustainably, improve our work life and be happier. We inspire residents to create a positive future by working from within local neighbourhoods to educate, engage and trial enterprising ideas that will further our collective vision.

The Envirolution team actively engages with local communities and schools through workshops, educational initiatives and participatory activities such as their Pop Up Farm and annual Envirolution festival which is held in Platt Fields Park and welcomes a large cross-section of the local community.

Envirolution has a successful track record of working with schools and community groups; and is delivering environmental education workshops at schools in the Greater Manchester Area.


North West | Greater Manchester


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