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Brixton Food and Growing Group

Project location: London | Lambeth | Brixton

Part of the Clusters: Food | Lambeth | London | Project Dirt

Type: Informal community project | @TTB_food

Carbon Reduction Composting Conservation Education Gardening Lobbying Waste & Resources Wildlife & Conservation

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Created: Sunday November 16, 2008

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This group is open to anyone in Brixton or the surrounding areas who is interested in being involved in making our community more sustainable and resilient through local food and growing initiatives.

This group is whatever YOU make it. You can use it to connect up with other members of Transition Town Brixton Food to share your interests, ideas, skills, knowledge, seeds, tools, energy and passion. Or you can contribute by adding to the discussions below, downloading interesting documents.

Visit the Brixton Food & Growing Group on Transition Town Brixton's website for more info on the group, how to get involved and useful resources. Transition Town Brixton is our parent organization.

We also have a library of useful documents such as ‘How to save seed’, meeting minutes, reports on sustainable food and more. To download these, visit

( is a free service for sharing and collaborating on documents)

Brixton Food and Growing Group

London | Lambeth | Brixton