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Myatt's Fields Park

Project location: London | Lambeth | Brixton

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We grow vegetables and fruit in the park's greenhouse and then use them to supply our lovely Little Cat Cafe, as well as a range of food based workshops.

We have recently appointed a community gardener (Fabrice Boltho) and are offering supporting to ten local growing projects. This scheme is funded by City Bridge Trust.

Once a month we meet to work in the greenhouse for a few hours and then have lunch together. Lunch is always free for all volunteers and prepared by our Food Heroes. We are also looking for people to get involved on a regular basis, coming for a day once a week.

Dates of Sunday greenhouse group meetings in 2013:

3rd Feb, 11.30am-2pm

3rd March, 11.30am-2pm

7th April, 10.30am-2pm

5th May, 10.30am-2pm

9th June, 10.30am-2pm

7th July, 10.30am-2pm

11th August, 10.30am-2pm

8th September, 10.30am-2pm

6th October, 10.30am-2pm

10th November, 10.30am-2pm

1st December, 10.30am-2pm

Myatt's Fields Park

London | Lambeth | Brixton