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Eco Soul Hostel

Project location: London | Lambeth | Brixton

Part of the Clusters: London | Project Dirt

Type: Social enterprise | @ecosoulhostel

Carbon Reduction Community Business Energy Health & Wellbeing Sharing Economy Transition Towns Volunteering Waste & Resources Young People

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Created: Wednesday May 16, 2018

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We’re creating the first-ever community eco-hostel in London. The vision is:

‘A hostel in London where people who share values of social change, sustainability and wellbeing can connect and inspire each other.’

The hostel is a non-profit social enterprise. We plan to reinvest any surplus to offer people who do pro-bono social change activism subsidised accommodation when they come to London.

There's a nice one minute video introducing the project at Do check it out.

We'd be delighted to connect with people with thoughts, ideas and perspectives on the project, either on the phone or in person - just ping us a message through the website.

Eco Soul Hostel

London | Lambeth | Brixton


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Project Dirt

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