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Restoration of the "Healing Garden" Newton Farm Ecology Park (Newton Park East)

Project location: London | Harrow | Rayners Lane

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Created: Thursday November 30, 2017

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We are working to restore the "Healing Garden" in the park. It was designed and put in place 20 years ago as a place the local people could come and heal by relaxing in natural surroundings. We started last winter by taking our a multitude of small ash trees and an even bigger multitude of brambles. Over the summer we rolled and cut back a large swathe of ivy and have replanted some species around a dilapidated bench (also the subject of a fundraising appeal for replacement). This autumn we have planted spring bulbs - native species only. But that's not enough. The design of the garden is modelled on a snake's coil. Inside the coil there is mounded earth with planting retained by a log fence. The fence posts have rotted in many places and fallen away. If they are not replaced soon the fundamental structure of the garden will collapse. That's why were are ecstatic  to have funding from The Greggs Foundation to replace the wall. Plans are being made now. It's a tricky job as originally the log fence was put in first and then the earth monded up inside the retaining wall. We have to somehow replace the wall without triggering collapse! Wish us luck.

Restoration of the "Healing Garden" Newton Farm Ecology Park (Newton Park East)

London | Harrow | Rayners Lane