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Developing a wildlife-friendly community garden in Mickleton (near Chipping Campden)

Project location: South West | Gloucestershire

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Created: Wednesday November 22, 2017

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Connecting people with nature (World Environment theme 2017)

Objective: to develop a small portion of the lawn area behind the Methodist Church as a 'Community Garden with butterfly/bee-friendly shrubs and plants, a narrow strip of native wild flowers (characteristic of old flower meadows). Some bird boxes/feeders and insect 'hotels' might also be added .'Recycled' Park bench style seats and/or a picnic table would provide a rest/picnic/reading area for residents, visitors and walkers alike.


1. To enhance a currently unused central space in the village making an attractive rest area by providing park style seats/benches/planters/table all made of Plaswood (recycled agricultural plastic). which is both heavy (more difficult to steal) and durable (not affected by weather so no maintenance is required. In future the space could be used for a monthly 'farmers market' and/or selling local produce, and/or a space for charity fund-raising events.

2. To plant a variety of butterfly/bee-friendly flowering shrubs and plants (foxgloves,primroses, bluebells) on the sloping sides of the lawn (which are currently difficult to mow). This would attract a variety of insects - primarily butterflies and bees,- both of which are in serious decline in the UK. Some town councils are already carrying out similar projects in parks, roadside verges and roundabouts (Pittviile, Cheltenham, Alcester)

3. To plant a strip 1-1.5m wide with a traditional mix of native wild flowers. These would also be 'insect-friendly', attractive to look at and of significant educational value.

4. Erect an information board

5. To demonstrate the church's commitment to 'Care for Creation'( part of its EcoChurch Programme) in a practical way which benefits both wildlife and people.

Developing a wildlife-friendly community garden in Mickleton (near Chipping Campden)

South West | Gloucestershire


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