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Project location: London | Bromley | Orpington

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Type: Not for profit organisation

Disability Health & Wellbeing

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Created: Monday September 4, 2017

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ICARE Day Centre Trust Limited is a small, friendly day centre offering rehabilitation and support for people who have suffered a stroke, and offers support and respite for their carers. The clients are given refreshments and lunch, and activities such as speech therapy, balance and coordination exercise and other enjoyable activities.


By refurbishing and modernising the kitchen, Icare will be able to continue to offer refreshments and nutritious lunches to our clients.

By refurbishing and modernising the kitchen, Icare will continue to follow all the health and safety requirements needed to supply our clients with refreshments and nutritious lunches.

By refurbishing and modernising the kitchen the staff of Icare will be able to carry out their roles more effectively, efficiently and hygienically. 

Update kitchen

London | Bromley | Orpington


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