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Forest Sensory Services

Project location: South West | Gloucestershire | Cinderford

Part of the Clusters: Greener with Greggs | Project Dirt

Type: Registered charity


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Created: Thursday June 15, 2017

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A small local project which supports those people living and coming to terms with sight and hearing loss.

Our main aims are to reduce isolation, provide help advice and support through activities. These activities include computer classes, balance class, lunch club, reading group, handbell ringing, cookery class, singing and the occasional day out.

We deliver ongoing support through our Eye Care Liaison Service alongside training in eccentric viewing, magnifier advise and equipment for daily living.

We are an inclusive organisation which encourages those we are supporting to get involved with the running of the organisation.

Our wonderful team of Volunteers contribute a great deal towards the smooth running of the organisation. We have all sorts of volunteering roles from making the tea, helping in the office or running a class. There is also lots of driving to do as the Forest of Dean, which is the area we cover, is vast and we therefore offer subsidised transport to our events.

Forest Sensory Services

South West | Gloucestershire | Cinderford