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Arches Local (Big Local)

Project location: South East | Kent | Chatham

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As part of the Big Local programme, an area in central Chatham which has been locally named ‘Arches Local’ was awarded £1million in the spring of 2012. The partnership was endorsed in June 2015, and is led by residents, and supported by local organisations. From the varied consultations with Arches Local residents, they formed the first year plan which was endorsed on 16th July 2015.

The partnership has strived to deliver the plan’s programme, for the benefit of all those that live in the Arches Local area. On our delivery journey we have found that things have changed that have affected our plan both positively and negatively. Where things have changed we have demonstrated being flexible in partnership with Local Trust along the lines of “that if the plan does not work, change the plan but never the goals”.

Arches Local (Big Local)

South East | Kent | Chatham