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Patten Beck Community Project

Project location: North West | Cumbria

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West Cumbria Rivers Trust and Hayton Castle Fields are working together to extend the existing gardening project at Hayton Castle into the woods! The woods have suffered decades of neglect resulting in fly tipping, poor water quality and invasive species. With our growing team of local volunteers and youth organisations we plan to create a haven for people and wildlife around Patten Beck.

Across 2017 we will be working together on:

  • Removing fly tipping from Patten Beck. 
  • Managing the woodland to safely benefit water and land habitats and biodiversity, including surveying the current flora and fauna and introducing native wetland and river plants.
  • Creating leaky dams in the wet woodland areas where flood waters can be safely stored to reduce flooding in downstream Allonby and as a demonstration site for the local area.
  • Creating a sensitively constructed access route into the woodland and bog for groups of all ages and abilities to learn about river and woodland conservation and for local people to engage more with their environment without damaging the habitat.
  • Removing Himalayan balsam from the site and potentially the surrounding area.

This project is kindly funded by Greggs Foundation and will be combined into an existing weekly permaculture project. This will allow the young  disadvantaged people we work with to also learn about woodland ecosystems as well as woodworking and construction skills. We also welcome other groups of any age to come and get involved. We will be offering workshops based around our woodland across the year.

Once finished we hope to offer the woodland area as a resource for education, relaxation and wellness.

Patten Beck Community Project

North West | Cumbria


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