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Lambeth - Vehicle Idling Action

Project location: London | Lambeth

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Our important and timely campaign, Vehicle Idling Action is tackling London's high levels of air pollution and is being commissioned through the Mayor’s Air Quality Fund.

If you want to learn some valuable behaviour change skills, and help to improve the London air too, this is the project for you!

By volunteering for this project, you will:

- Learn all about behaviour change methods

- Teach people about air pollution and its impact on human health

- Learn how to facilitate and engage the public in a fun, purpose made Snakes and Ladders game

- Be part of an essential environmental campaign, improve the air quality in your local London community, lower air pollution levels and improve the health and wellbeing for you and your neighbours

What is the vehicle idling action project all about?

We are establishing a team of enthusiastic volunteers to become our Clean Air Champions in the borough of Lambeth.

As a Clean Air Champions you will take part in one or more of our monthly Action Days (each day lasting two hours only).

Some Champions may be located at a central hub for the event, where they will interact with the public and encourage them to play a giant size Snakes and Ladders game which will teach them about air pollution and health.

Other Champions may visit idling hotspots in pairs and engage with drivers, informing them of the negative impact of engine idling on human health.
We have a friendly and positive approach to talking to drivers, and to thank them for switching off, they will be rewarded with a mini air quality Snakes and Ladders game which has all the facts and figures about engine idling.


We will provide training events to all of our volunteers to supply all the knowledge and skills needed to be an effective Clean Air Champion for Lambeth.

Please sign up and join us

Click "Join Us" in the top right hand corner and be part of a campaign to bring much needed positive and environmental changes to our local communities. Together, let’s spread awareness about the negative impacts of engine idling and create long term behavioural changes in drivers to immediately reduce localised air pollution, improve health locally and help improve the respiratory health of our younger generation.

Lambeth - Vehicle Idling Action

London | Lambeth