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Pennington Community Allotment & Orchard

Project location: South East | Hampshire | Lymington

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Created: Monday August 1, 2016

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The core members of our allotmenteers are drawn from a Transition group, but we have been joined by many others with no affiliation to any group! Transition Lymington is part of the larger New Forest Transition  hub. We are a grass roots association of people of different ages and backgrounds who all share a common desire to do something practical in the face of overwhelming challenges such as climate change, over-dependency on dwindling oil supplies and living in a society in which the idea of community has got a bit lost.

In a variety of ways we are working towards a more sustainable SO41 and aim to demonstrate how a greater emphasis on local food, energy, goods and services will reduce our environmental impact and save money.

We meet once a month in the Thomas Tripp pub and put on events or get involved in projects throughout the year. One such project stemmed from the award of a Grow Wild grant in 2015. Calling ourselves 'LymWild', this enabled us to sow superb wildflower meadows in Lymington, nearby Barton-on-Sea and in New Forest schools. Our funding lasted but one year but buoyed up by the success of 'Abundance' and the wildflower meadows we wanted to continue with gardening projects.

In December 2015 we found a completely abandoned allotment; more a field of couch grass and bindweed than a growing area. This was to become our community allotment and orchard project. With a collective shortage of time we decided to make half the allotment area into a small apple orchard so our community allotment became the Pennington Community Allotment and Orchard Project. Our next problem was a complete lack of funding. We could do a certain amount ourselves but did need money for apple trees, for equipment to clear the ground, for a shed, gardening tools ....  And that was just the start.

Enter Greggs!  We could not have been more delighted to hear that our application for a Greggs community grant had been successful. And for a group that has actively campaigned for the abolition of plastic bags this was even better news!

Pennington Community Allotment & Orchard

South East | Hampshire | Lymington