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PRIVATE: Lift one paving stone

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The competition

Many of our front gardens and building entrances are paved over, with hard surfaces increasing in London by 36% in the last 10 years.

This lack of greenery contributes to loss of habitat, flooding and pollution.

From creating a mini wildflower meadow in your front garden, to planting a pollen-rich shrub in your driveway or entrance to your office or shop, you can make a difference.

Join in with our competition to green up our paved areas. Together we can undo the damage – one paving stone at a time.

All you have to do to enter the 'Lift one paving stone' campaign is select an area of your front garden/office/shop entrance, or wherever you want to 're-green'. You should then consider the site, is the spot sunny, or shady, as this will effect your plant choice (see resource sheet). You should then consider how to lift the paving stone or paved area. What is underneath it? Is it concreted, does it have expensive York stone which could be used elsewhere? Is it gravel? 

If the paved area is heavy and you cannot lift the stone, why not knock on a neighbour's door and ask for help! Remember, this is a community orientated project! Perhaps your neighbour will also help you recycle the paving you are lifting up, if not, take to your local recycling centre, who will be happy to dispose of your hardcore.

You will probably then need to improve the soil under the paved area. Local recycling centres (North London Waste authority) sell bags of recycled compost for around £3 per bag. Whichever compost you use, please try to select compost that is peat free.

Finally, it's time to get planting. See resource sheet for ideas of various plant combinations. If you need planting inspiration, just send us an email. We have designers on standby to respond to all email queries.

If you are inspired to grow a mini wildflower meadow, we do have lots of packets of wildflower seed/kits to give away care of Kew Gardens who are also on hand to help with advise. To request your free seed packet contact: [email protected]

Once you have planted up your new area, all you need to do is water, take a picture or your site before and after your planting, and enter the competition below.

We are looking for entries under the 3 categories of:

1. Food! We love planting combinations that mix flowers with edibles. (We planted carrots and chard in amongst wall flowers recently!) 

2. Wildlife attracting. From mini meadows grown from one packed of annual wildflower seeds, to planting nectar rich herbaceous perennials or annuals.

3. Quirky. What unusual, creative ideas do you have. We love the idea of mini wildlife ponds in old wheelbarrows!

Entries are welcome up to 4th September and the winners will be announced on 16th September.


How to participate

Want to upload your photo for the Lift one paving stone campaign? It's easy! This is how:

  1. Create a free user profile (if you haven't already got one) at:
  2. From the green 'Options' drop-down menu at the top of your profile, select 'New Journal Entry'.
  3. Add "Lift one paving stone" as the Title.
  4. Select the photo of your choice by clicking the 'Choose file' button beneath the 'Upload a Headline Image' heading. We would love it if you could add a before and after photo!
  5. (optionally) Add any accompanying text and additional photos to the 'Gallery' section.
  6. Publish your entry.

Any questions? Get in touch at: [email protected].

Details of prizes will be announced when we launch, we hope to offer a month's organic veg box!

Lift one paving stone



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