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The Vertical Veg Street Project

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Created: Monday December 7, 2015

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Since the start of the WEA Greening Wingrove Project (funded by the Big Lottery Fund) lots of people have told us that they would like to grow their own food to eat. We also knew that many residents were fed up with the way their local area looks. And so inspired by what residents had expressed, the Greening Wingrove Project team set out to develop a programme of activity to combine to passion of residents to grow their own, at the same time helping to 'green' the streets of Wingrove to make it a more appealing and attractive place to live.  

Over the life of the Vertical Veg Street Project, we want to help residents develop skills and ideas which will help transform their streets and grow healthy, colourful food in the front of their house! We’ll give residents ‘hands on’ help and advice about how to get started. We’ll also have a selection of containers, compost, plants (seedlings or seeds), gloves, watering cans, trowels and fertilizers … to help you on your way.

How has the Vertical Veg Street Project developed?

To gauge how much genuine interest there was in this idea, we worked with the Greening Wingrove Community Interest Company and two Community Organisers, to go out and about in Wingrove to talk to residents to find out the level of interest in the idea of developing a Vertical Veg Street.

Based on high levels of interest expressed, focus was on two streets in the project area as the ‘pioneer’ streets for this project. Teaming up with Mark Ridsdill Smith, the founder of Vertical Veg and through help of European Union funding in the first year of the project, pop-up sessions were hosted on streets sides in front of residents homes, exploring ...

  • An introduction to container growing – what to grow
  • Planting and supporting climbers
  • Watering, making it look good and sowing salads
  • Hanging baskets
  • Feeding plants and wormeries
  • Herbs
  • Winter growing
  • Fruit
Since the first successful year of piloting the activity, we've gone onto enjoying a blooming productive second year, garnering more and more interest from the residents of the Greening Wingrove area and delivering over a wider spread of the Greening Wingrove area.

The project has received some great feedback from people who love to come along to sessions even when they know no-one else attending but know they can easily get on and have fun at the same time. Other growers have said they love the buzz and feel good factor that the events bring.

The Vertical Veg Street Project

North East | Tyne & Wear | Newcastle


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