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HCA Oasis Project

Project location: London | Camden | Holborn

Part of the Clusters: Camden | Food | Olswang | Project Dirt

Type: Registered charity | @HCANews

Education Food Gardening Health & Wellbeing Older People Wildlife & Conservation

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Created: Tuesday June 16, 2015

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Our garden will be transformed into an inner city oasis for native birds and insects as we nurture it as a living system, creating balance and diversity. We will engage with older people, their carers, local volunteers and the wider community, both in the practical development of the space and through a series of workshops. We will be a resource for local people in developing their knowledge, skills, and enthusiasm for growing food and supporting native plants & wildlife and act as an information & support exchange hub. Our aim is to increase awareness of our impact on our environment, improve the health and well-being of project participants and help people in our community reconnect with the natural world in their everyday lives in the heart of London.

HCA Oasis Project

London | Camden | Holborn


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