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Friends of Greatfields Park

Project location: London | Barking & Dagenham | Barking

Part of the Clusters: Capital Clean-up | London | Parks & Open Spaces | Project Dirt

Type: Informal community project

Latest Activity: 2 years ago

Created: Friday May 1, 2015

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The Friends of Greatfields Park are growing group of loyal volunteers who care highly for the future of Greatfields Park. At this stage the Friends isn't a constituted group but the Friends are in the process of taking ownership and formal responsibility for various aspects of park management and maintenance. 

Thanks to a Team London's Capital Clean Up project they have received a grant and tools so they can now manage the park in a positive way, helping to replant flower beds, keep path edges neat and keep on top of litter. 

Friends of Greatfields Park

London | Barking & Dagenham | Barking