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Welcome to the Camden Hive!

Camden Hive is a branch of Spacehive - a crowdfunding platform for all the incredible projects that are bubbling under the radar in the Camden borough. The Camden Hive will be for projects specifically in Camden.

Spacehive famously brought a giant waterside to the centre of Bristol and we're hoping we can create a project in Camden that is just as great. Spacehive is a crowdfunding website that helps communities transform their local area. The idea is that local people with ideas put them on the site and get them crowdfunded (people can donate small, or large amounts of money to get the project going). 

The Spacehive site is special in that as well as friends and family it levers in money from corporate donors and also develops relationships with councils. So you get a lot more personalised service than just using a generic crowdfunding site. In Hackney several projects hit their fundraising targets via Spacehive, including a £140k sculpture project. It also helps to raise the profile of your project and get local support before you start.

We are currently encouraging locals with ideas they want to fund to join up to the Hive - whether it's a great idea for an arts project or a community garden, it's really easy to start the crowdfunding process and we're here to help. 

Visit the website to find out more, we'd love to see some of Camden's green projects getting involved.

Camden Hive

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