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Cody Cultivators

Project location: London | Newham | Canning Town

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Type: Registered charity | @CodyDock

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Created: Tuesday May 27, 2014

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Cody Cultivators is a weekly open community gathering to celebrate and explore existing and new possibilities for the Sensory Garden at Cody Dock, bringing these ideas to life to build a sustainable environment for all to enjoy.

Cody Cultivators activities will be varied from week to week, including hands-on opportunities as well as skill sharing lessons, and training sessions. We have links with the Eden Project, Kew Gardens, Groundwork and the Royal Horticultural Society among others so plenty of scope for some real hands on learning and growing.

A Sensory Garden is a natural space that appeals to all the senses creating a rich experience for all visitors, regardless of ability. This will be a new space at Cody Dock, and a doorway to a newly opened walk along the Leaway.

We want to create a natural meeting place, a relaxation space, a place of knowledge and learning that includes everybody. We believe that people can make a positive difference to their own localities and we want to inspire local people to get involved in the life of their local environment. 

Cody Cultivators

London | Newham | Canning Town