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Harlesden Town Garden

Project location: London | Brent | Harlesden

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Type: Informal community project

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Created: Thursday October 24, 2013

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Harlesden Town Garden is a small public park, situated in Harlesden, which has been neglected because of safety issues. For a long time, it’s been a place to dump things, a place to avoid and a place where people do things that they want kept out of sight – alcohol abuse, drug dealing, drug taking and prostitution.

Lift, a local charity organised a consultation event, funded by Catalyst, a housing association, and Brent Council. HTG (Friends of Harlesden Town
Garden) was formed to work towards and carry out improvements to the park as
per the recommendations of the consultation. (See the consultation report at

As a result of the consultation Brent Council, supported by funding from the Mayor’s Pocket Park scheme, are improving the garden by;

• Installing security fences

• Replacing the multi-use games area

• Installing a new children’s play area

• Creating a raised bed area for growing vegetables.

On completion, or during, this work HTG will set up a gardening club which will include three 8-week training courses for up to 15 people each year carried out in conjunction with Lift in their office. This will also include hands on experience in the garden demonstrating/teaching the practical aspects of preparing raised beds for planting vegetables and herbs, planning and making flower beds as well as routine garden maintenance.

HTG will also be responsible for landscaping the garden; laying out and planting natural hedges to encourage wildlife, providing pathways and seating to allow walking and relaxation.

Harlesden Town Garden

London | Brent | Harlesden