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King's Crescent Community Orchard

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The pocket park is a design response to the desire of residents to continue to grow their food on the estate, whilst transforming what is currently an under used area of grass into an orchard. Where as the current grassed space feels like the back of the estate, the proposed park will act as a frontage, tying the estate back into its surrounding context.

The approach to biodiversity is to increase the number and variety of native species, as well as providing log habitats to provide a place to discover insects.

The path and wall will be a brick that compliments the existing estate to tie the park into its surroundings. Lighting will be provided to replace the existing lamp post to make the park feel both safe at night and invite wildlife to the park.

There are a mixture of are dwarf apple trees already on site, these were planted with residents as part of an event earlier this year, and are a mixture of apple types that can be eaten, cooked, or made into cider. We are proposing to also include a mixture of dwarf pear trees. There will also be a mixture of raspberries, gooseberries, and red currants beneath the trees. A simple grass edge to the wall will help to keep the park look tidy. 

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King's Crescent Community Orchard

London | Hackney | Hackney