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GoodGym Hackney

Project location: London | Hackney | Hackney

Part of the Clusters: Hackney | Health & Wellbeing | London | Project Dirt

Type: Social enterprise | GGHackney

Composting Conservation Gardening Waste & Resources Wildlife & Conservation

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Created: Monday September 2, 2013

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GoodGym is the best way to get fit in Hackney. Forget the gym, we’ll help you get fit by doing good. 

Our community of runners and qualified trainer will help you achieve your fitness goals by doing physical work that helps your community.

From Hackney Road to Amhurst Park we run the streets helping those most in need. We’re always up for welcoming new runners, so if you’re in the area come and join in. We run regular Tuesday runs from London Fields.

GoodGym Hackney

London | Hackney | Hackney


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