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What would happen if a generation of kids lost touch with the outdoors? 

PROJECT WILD THING: RECONNECTING KIDS AND NATURE is an ambitious new film-led social change campaign that aims to reconnect children in the UK with nature and the outdoors.

It’s a response to how disconnected from the natural world our children have become. Time playing outdoors has halved in just one generation. In the past 30 years, children’s roaming area has shrunk by 90%. Kids are better at spotting brands than they are birds.

The disconnection from nature could be catastrophic – for both kids and nature. Time spent outdoors improves health and wellbeing. Nature makes for happy and healthy kids.

Conservationists fear that if children don’t experience nature when they’re young, they won’t care enough as adults to want to conserve the natural world. Chris Packham has said, ‘If a generation becomes detached from the natural world it is in danger of becoming indifferent’.

Project Wild Thing: reconnecting kids and nature exists to address the current disconnection from nature – to get our kids out and enjoying the outdoors. We want to see children & parents outside, exchanging ‘screen time’ for ‘wild time’.

The campaign will launch on 25th October, alongside the theatrical release of PROJECT WILD THING, a new feature-length documentary created by Green Lions and BRITDOC. The film will help focus attention on the issue and our campaign.

The film-led campaign is supported by THE WILD NETWORK, a brand new collaborative movement of charities, corporations and individuals, all committed to reconnecting children in the UK with nature. Founded by RSPB, National Trust, NHS Sustainable Development Unit, Play England, Play Wales, Play Scotland, PlayBoard Northern Ireland, AMV BBDO, Green Lions and the BRITDOC Foundation, scores more organisations and thousands of individuals have signed up to join the movement. So can you

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