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Cultivation Street

Project location: West Midlands | Warwickshire | Leamington Spa

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Created: Friday June 28, 2013

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Cultivation Street is the Flower Show of the UK’s streets, we are looking for communities of next door neighbours all working together to share the passion of gardening and create a sense of pride to where you live.

Cultivation Street is free to enter and the competition applies only to those within the UK and Northern Ireland. Street applications must have a minimum of 4 consecutive houses. Streets in Britain compete together for £10,000 of National Garden Gift Vouchers, awards across a range of categories and achievements. Cultivation Street is about sharing plants and advice; bridging the generations; getting kids, parents and grandparents working together in harmony with their neighbours; helping the environment and attracting wildlife – and creating beautiful front gardens.

The competition is running all summer so entries are never too late. Competition closes on 26th August, and judging will take place the first week of September!

Cultivation Street

West Midlands | Warwickshire | Leamington Spa


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