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Action for Community and Environment (ACE)

Project location: London

Part of the Clusters: Carbon Reduction | London | Project Dirt

Type: Registered charity | @ACEnvironment

Carbon Reduction Education Waste & Resources

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Created: Monday May 20, 2013

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ACE is a newly established charity (registered in England and Wales no 1149290). We work with individuals, communities and businesses to create pro-environmental behaviour change. On the individual level, we promote sustainability locally at community events, give practical advice on recycling and engage people in sustainable living. For communities, we offer resident-led projects in social housing to support them to take action in their local environment, while showing community members how to embed environmental sustainability in everyday life. In our work with businesses, we aim to inspire and encourage corporations to adopt practices that add environmental and social value through, for example, supporting them to acknowledge and reduce their plastics footprint.

Action for Community and Environment (ACE)