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We connect thousands of brilliant people with the great projects going on around them.

Get involved in your community

Project Dirt shows you all the projects and activity in your local area so that you can get involved with what’s happening near you.

Resourcing and promoting your project

Set up your "project page" on Project Dirt to connect with our thousands of members. From here you can invite friends, share your information, upload your pictures and apply to the grant and volunteering schemes we promote.

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"I can thank Project Dirt for giving me the sense of a wider community of like-minded people, not just locally but also beyond. Through Project Dirt, I feel part of something progressive and vital."

"I love PD because of how it inspires me about the great variety of ideas and energy out there. I can always find things that I can get involved in, and it’s a great resource for advertising events and groups that I’m part of as well."

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