Wanted - Folding Chairs for hire

04 Aug, 2017 16:50
I don't know if any community organisations would be able to help us, we are looking for 200 FOLDING chairs for indoor and outdoor film events on the following dates. 2017 is the eighth season of free films in and round Peckham and Nunhead and rather than hire from a company we wondered whether any community organisations could supply chairs - we can donate £50 per event as listed below.
GoodFellas @ Copeland Park - Wednesday 6th September
Nunhead Cemetery - Saturday 2nd September
Safehouse - Friday 8th September
AOF @ Bussey Building - Saturday 9th September

Organisations will need to supply information on: Access, collections and return dates to be confirmed - we will collect by transit van and return.

Many thanks in advance for your help in getting out this message