Bags of cut hair - from Barber offered

31 Jan, 2017 12:32
I've been contacted by Adam Brady from Ruffians Barbers with a very unusual offer - he writes "our Barber shops are in Covent Garden, Marylebone and Shoreditch (we also have one in Edinburgh) - we have bags of hair per week to find homes for. I'd like them to be recycled or used in some way rather than being thrown away (as its a possible resource). In terms of how many bin bags we get through per week:
Covent Garden: c. 3 bags; Marylebone: c. 1-2 bags; Shoreditch: c. 1-2 bags.
If certain places have reservations about chemically treated hair, or other materials getting mixed up with the hair - we would do our utmost to ensure that we only send bags with compostable hair clippings inside it, but unfortunately we probably couldn't 100% guarantee total purity. Good news is that nearly all the hair we cut isn't previously dyed, so generally chemical free".
Obvious thoughts on how to use the hair are as mulch around plants (which'll last at least a season), as a compost additive or in adobe (or other natural building techniques) - but the more creative of you may have other ideas. Get in touch and/or spread the word. Thanks