We're giving away resources!!

25 Jan, 2017 15:33
Hi There,

Veolia have launched a £50k fund that will aim to fund green recycling community projects. Civic projects that meet Veolia’s recycling criteria will now be funded up to £1000 in order to help bring grassroots projects to life. We're also giving away in kind resources and/or sending volunteers over to help you build your project!

In order to be eligible for the fund your project must:
• Encourage recycling.
• Encourage/educate reuse and waste minimisation in the community.
• Use recycled or reclaimed materials to complete your project.

We want to support projects that inspire people and businesses to do the right thing with their waste, make use of recycled, reused or reclaimed materials, and protect and preserve local resources and environments.

We will generally seek to fund properly constituted non-profit organisations, such as TRAs, charities, community groups and schools. However, this will not preclude us from funding smaller groups that are un-constituted at our discretion. All you have to do is apply to Veolia's fund on Spacehive!

We want to show communities that everyone can make a change, so if you have a brilliant recycling project that you’d love to see come to life pitch your ideas to Veolia’s fund on Spacehive!

Alongside the cash boosts, Veolia will also be donating in kind resources and using their one day volunteer scheme in order to send members of their team to help out with your project for the day, if needed.

If you have any questions or would like more info please contact me: [email protected]