1900 new roof tiles up for grabs!

James A. Baker

17 Nov, 2015 14:21
Around 1900 new red Acme roof tiles are available to community projects for collection from Acton, West London. If you can put them to good use, please get in touch!

27 Nov, 2015 17:56
Hi James

we'd love them!
we're building a shed from pallets and have been struggling with how to do a pitched roof without spending any money!
We're in a Georgian walled garden and so our structures have to be 'beautiful' and in keeping so your tiles would work wonderfully
look forward to hearing from you

James Dowdell

30 Nov, 2015 10:30
Hi Kirsty,

Fantastic! Bedfords Park Walled Garden looks like a great project. I'll contact you directly to firm up the details.