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No idling around here.. No way!

Posted by Chloe Lyons on December 14, 2016

Earlier this year we started working and preparing the launch of a new campaign “Vehicle Idling Action” which is tackling London’s toxic air quality and is part of the Mayor’s Air Quality Fund. Vehicle Idling Action, launched in October 2016 and is running across 12 London boroughs with the aim to spread awareness of the damaging health implications ... Continue reading »


A network of London-based vehicle idling action projects supported by the Air Quality Fund

Type: Partnership Programme
Powered by: Mayor of London
Hashtag: #noidling

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Lambeth - Vehicle Idling Action

Don't have a Project Dirt account yet? RSVP for event dates hereOur important and timely campaign, Vehicle Idling Action is tackling London's high levels of air pollution and is being commissioned through the Mayor’s Air Quality Fund.If you want to learn some valuable behaviour change skills, and help to improve the London air too, this is the project for you!By volunteering for this project, you will: - Learn all about behaviour change methods - Teach people about air pollution and its impact on human health - Learn how to facilitate and engage the public in a fun, purpose made Snakes and Ladders game- Be part of an essential environmental campaign, improve the air quality in your local London community, lower air pollution levels and improve the health and wellbeing for you and your neighbours What is the vehicle idling action project all about?We are establishing a team of enthusiastic volunteers to become our Clean Air Champions in the borough of Lambeth. As a Clean Air Champions you will take part in one or more of our monthly Action Days (each day lasting two hours only). Some Champions may be located at a central hub for the event, where they will interact with the public and encourage them to play a giant size Snakes and Ladders game which will teach them about air pollution and health. Other Champions may visit idling hotspots in pairs and engage with drivers, informing them of the negative impact of engine idling on human health. We have a friendly and positive approach to talking to drivers, and to thank them for switching off, they will be rewarded with a mini air quality Snakes and Ladders game which has all the facts and figures about engine idling. TrainingWe will provide training events to all of our volunteers to supply all the knowledge and skills needed to be an effective Clean Air Champion for Lambeth.Please sign up and join usClick "Join Us" in the top right hand corner and be part of a campaign to bring much needed positive and environmental changes to our local communities. Together, let’s spread awareness about the negative impacts of engine idling and create long term behavioural changes in drivers to immediately reduce localised air pollution, improve health locally and help improve the respiratory health of our younger generation.

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Mayor of London funds Vehicle Idling Action Days to tackle London's air pollution

If you want to learn some valuable behaviour change skills, and help to improve the London air too, this is the perfect project for you!By volunteering for this project, you can learn all about behaviour change methods, teach people about air pollution and its impact on health using a fun snakes and ladders game, and help to make the London air a bit cleaner. About the engine idling projectThe Mayor’s Air Quality Fund is funding a London-wide, education and behaviour change campaign on vehicle engine idling, to help reduce localised air pollution caused by motorists who are idling (in other words they are stationary and parked but continue to have their engines running for over a minute). This project is building on the success of a pilot project in the City of London which has received high levels of media coverage (TV and press).There will be 12 events taking place in different locations across the City every month, between October and March 2017. In pairs, teams of local volunteers – concerned citizens, local business employees and project staff – will be taking part in the events and helping with the education of motorists and pedestrians alike.What will you get out of it? Learn behaviour change theory and skills at our training sessions;Gain knowledge about London’s most urgent environmental issue – air pollution;Learn how to reduce your exposure to air pollution;Have fun – we will be educating people using games such as snakes and ladders; andSocial interaction – meet other local volunteers.If you're interested in helping the campaign, register your interest here or join the relevant project pages for the Boroughs near you (listed in the 'Projects' tab on the left-side. DetailsBetween October 2016 – March 2017 there will be a monthly vehicle idling action day event in each borough. The events will last for approximately 2 hours and will ‘pop up’ in a designated hotspot in each borough. These might be hospitals, schools (where people are particularly vulnerable to air pollution) as well as idling hot spots in areas around the city.Why is this such an important issue?Unfortunately, 60 years after the Clean Air act, we are still witnessing pollution exceeding the safe recommended legal limits in various parts of London, and poor air quality continues to affect and claim the lives of nearly 10,000 Londoners each year. Research has also shown that young people are especially vulnerable to the effects of air pollution, because their lungs are developing. 

London Vehicle Idling Action Project