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Welcome to the Soup cluster!

Posted by James A. Baker on February 11, 2016

Welcome one and all to the Soup cluster!This cluster is devoted to all the Soup projects from Britain. If you are unfamiliar, Soup events are community fundraising suppers that celebrate and support local projects in their area, an inspired concept first introduced by Detroit Soup. If you love a hearty soup dinner, community movers and shakers and backing great ... Continue reading »


A network of community fundraising supper projects across the UK, inspired by the 'Soup' concept first introduced in Detroit.

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London SOUP

London Soup is a community dinner and micro-funding project, bringing us together to share a meal and raise funds for small, community-led projects that make London better. At a SOUP event we come together to eat as a community, and to hear from four different projects seeking to create social good. We eat delicious, home made soup, salad and bread. We talk about the projects, our values, and what’s important to us. We make new connections and new friends. We vote for the project that we like the best, and at the end of the night, we       donate our door takings to that project to help make it happen. SOUP is: a collaborative situationa public dinnera platform for connectiona theatrical environmenta democratic experiment in micro-fundinga relational hub bringing together various activist and creative communitiesa forum for critical but accessible discussionan opportunity to support activist and creative people in London

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Project Soup V

19:30, Wednesday 3rd May

Hosted by: Molly Ford

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