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How to get involved in the #first500 campaign

Posted by James Dowdell on December 1, 2016

Good to hear you're looking to find out how you can be a part of the #first500 campaign!  We are hopeful over the next 4 weeks this will snowball (excuse the seasonal pun) and more companies will want to contribute to building the pot, meaning more goals will get backed.  On top of creating real impact locally this will ... Continue reading »


A network of community projects located in Preston

Type: Geographical
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Ashton Weed and Feed

Gardening club. Created to maintain the church grounds, but also to be an informative and interactive social event, so that the members of the community who can garden, do garden, but the members of the community who support the work make us lunch. Hence the name Weed and Feed.   We meet every 4th Saturday  of the month 10am til 2pm. The church has been awarded the funding to rennovate the gardens. This includes a wildflower meadow, native hedgerow and deep herbacious borders to provide almost all year flowers for the church and significantly enhance the appearance of the gardens and make it an attractive community space where anyone is welcome. Ashton Weed and Feed is open to all people regardless of religion. There is informal training, no experience is necessary and we have some tools. Just bring your enthusiasm and some gardening gloves.  

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