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Hawkes - Changing the way cider is made for the good of the community!

Posted by Tom Jenkins on September 7, 2016

From their home in Forest Gate, Hawkes - Urban Orchard are revolutionising the way cider is made and to do this they need your help!These forward-thinking cider makers take unwanted apples and blend them with the finest country crops to create a craft cider that not only tastes great but combats food waste and GIVES BACK TO THE COMMUNITY.So ... Continue reading »


Welcome to the London Cluster! This page brings together community action taking place across the city.

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Community Centre Week (19th - 25th July)

Community Centre Week (19th - 25th July), first launched by Octopus Community Network in 2014, is a chance to celebrate the invaluable work which community centres do.If you run, work in or volunteer at a community centre – Community Centre Week is for you. It’s an opportunity to stage an event, have a party, or just bring the local community together.

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CEB lends 19 pairs of helping hands to College Green

The College Green was a hive of activity on Friday. In addition to our regular Bromley Green Gym volunteers, we were joined by 19 fantastic volunteers from CEB and two volunteers from Penge Green Gym. We hope that everybody had a good time and the committee would like to thank everybody for their enthusiasm and hard work.Thank you to CEB, Penge Green Gym and Bromley Green Gym for making this an enjoyable volunteering day!On Friday we started several new projects including augmenting the community orchard, building bird box kits, building a raised bed and rebuilding a dead-wood hedge. A pair of pear trees was added to our community orchard on College Green. The pear trees were a kind donation from a local resident and we look forward to harvesting the fruits of our labour in a few years’ time.Volunteering + Dirty hands + Sunshine = Great day out on College Green The bird box builders were hard at work and churned out over 15 bird box kits! These will come in handy for our open day in summer 2016. Our sister Green Gym from Winsford Gardens, Penge lent a helping hand in organising the volunteers. The volunteers also prepared cardboard rolls to refill the insect habitat. The cardboard rolls provide a safe and warm hibernation habitat for ladybirds and lacewings. As the cardboard decomposes, the material is also used as housing material by certain species of solitary bees.Recycling old cardboard boxes into new bug homes.The raised bed team definitely had the more physical workout on the day. They had to saw through eight sleepers and dig out the site along College Slip. The sleepers were put in place and Timberlok® screws were used to hold the sleepers together. We added in 4 stakes for stability and lined the inside of the raised bed with waterproof membrane. The bed was filled with compost and planted up with shade-loving red begonias.A welcome splash of colour along College Slip, Bromley.Finally, we started work on rebuilding the dead-wood hedge along the College Slip. The old hedge near the Sainsbury car park was dismantled and the area weeded. A layer weed-proof membrane was laid down and stakes of 170cm were planted at 1m intervals. The team then began to rebuild the hedge by weaving coppiced hazel. The final hedge will be approximately 60-80cm in height.Hedging our bets on wildlife.Once again, the committee would like to say a big thank you to CEB for joining us on Friday, 13 May. Best of luck in your endeavours and we hope to see you again in the future.




Swap & Shop in aid of Climb Any Mountain

18:45, Thursday 20th October

Hosted by: Rae Harilela

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