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Who has an enviable job? The PD Community Manager!

Posted by James A. Baker on January 19, 2018

Our friends from the Global Good Awards wanted to do a feature for their newsletter on the importance of community projects. Who did they turn to? Project Dirt of course! Have a read of what our Community Manager James Baker had to say on how community projects can create real and lasting change, what makes a good project and how ... Continue reading »


A network of community projects based around the theme of Food

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Be Enriched

Be Enriched was founded by a group of youth workers, arts professionals and young people to provide relevant projects and develop non-formal education skills and community cohesion through training and overseas volunteering opportunities. We work with disadvantaged and young people and European youth organisations projects around European citizenship, UK based inter generational theatre and community food interventions

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Here's to 2018

Here’s to our first blog post of 2018. We hope you’ve had a great start to the year.2017 was an amazing year for our environmental project, especially with the opening of our Horticulture Hub. It’s the perfect space for the local community and horticulturists to come and enjoy, and get involved in green-fingered activities. Since the opening of the Hub, we’ve launched several workshops catered for different age ranges, including Families Growing Together, Ageactivity 60+ Gardening Club and Adult Workshops.Our Adult Workshops (16-100 years) started at the end of January and has been very popular with Camden residents, with a total of 22 people attending our first two sessions. One attendee told Paul (our community gardener): "I never thought horticulture could be this exciting." The first two workshops were all about seeds and willow sculpture making, and everyone had a great time learning new skills in a friendly educational environment. Don't miss this week's workshop (Thursday, 15th Feb. at 1-3pm) - you'll be learning the basics of organic urban gardening and food growing, no prior knowledge required.Camden Health Kick’s Families Growing Together workshops are back for a second term. Families have enjoyed treasure hunting in our community parks and have built their very own gardens with materials found scattered around our open spaces. There’s a different theme for each workshop, so come along straight after school for an afternoon of fun and games. Please visit our calendar for more details: from Mind Camden brought some helpers along with her to help pick up litter and keep our community parks looking presentable for the community to enjoy. Huge thanks from everyone at CCA, you all did a terrific job. Our community gardening sessions are back, and our volunteers have been busy with different tasks, including clearing leaves, shrub border maintenance and keeping our parks clean and tidy. Eddie, who volunteers with us regularly, has taken on a mini project - he is making a raised planting bed from reclaimed pieces of wood (it’s looking fantastic), which will be going into the Horticulture Hub. He says, "Gardening is not really my thing, I much prefer building things and doing odd jobs here and there." Have you got some time to spare to help us in our gardens? Our community gardener, Paul, always needs a helping hand, so please feel free to come along on Wednesdays at any time between 10:30 am and 2:30 pm. Paul says, "If it weren't for my team of volunteers, I wouldn't be able to manage this four-acre site on my own. I rely heavily on the help of others, so am always looking for new volunteers to come on board."Our parks are the perfect place to come and unwind away from the hustle and bustle of the high street, and we have people from all walks of life who enjoy using our green haven. With this, though, come issues with waste. Since the start of 2017, our volunteers and community gardener have been counting how many bags of litter and dog poo they’ve been picking up from our community parks on a daily basis. You may have seen our weekly tally documenting these numbers in our community park notice boards since March of last year. In March, 140 dog poos and 61 bags of litter were picked up. By December 2017, these figures had significantly decreased to 23 dog poos and 40 bags of litter. As a result of this, Dogs Trust has approached us and will be holding a community event at Castlehaven Community Park on March 17th at 11am to 3pm:'ve also got some wonderful news to share with you all: Castlehaven has been awarded funding from the Mayor of London Greener City Fund and HS2 Community Environment Fund totalling a combined £88,000, for the new Greengage project and the development of the new Greenhaven nature area in our community park. To manage this exciting new project, we are currently recruiting a new Environmental Engagement Coordinator - and the standard of applications has been super impressive, and we can't wait for the successful candidate to join the team. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all our volunteers who spared a few hours over the Christmas period for keeping our gardens clean and tidy. You’re all an asset to CCA, and we wouldn’t be able to do what we do without your continued support and commitment.




Bringing the Big Lunch to Wolverhampton

16:00, Wednesday 21st March

Hosted by: Peter Lefort

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