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Make your own seed and cutting compost session held

Posted by Penny Noy on April 12, 2014

At our regular gardening session today, we held a workshop on making your own seed and cutting compost. We sowed beans, climbing courgette, chili's, tomatoes and basil and took geranium (pelargonium) cuttings. We are running an experiment to compare our home-made mixture with special bought seed and cutting compost. For our own mixture we used:coir (from a soaked ... Continue reading »


Capital Growth is London's food-growing network: supporting communities across the capital to grow their own food.


New Leaf Educational Gardens

We work with all members of the local community to improve the natural environment. It is a place where local people of all ages can come and learn about the plant and insect life on our doorstep in Dulwich and Southwark, based on the simple fact that the more you know about the environment, the more you will care for it. We have constructed the first parts of our evolution garden, showing the development of plants throughout their history. This includes the pond with aquatic plants and three terraces that are yet to be planted. We also have a second hand bookshop, which acts as a community hub. Check out our website and facebook page for the latest events:

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Greening for ice creams

As the launch of our new project, Operation Deep Freeze (ODF), looms ever nearer things are getting busier for the various Avant-Gardeners and the side projects that are being developed to support our delivery of ODF.  One of the aims of ODF, (alongside the production of excitingly different new ice cream flavours!) was to begin linking the community led green spaces in the Greenwich to Deptford area to create an informal green corridor in which we could work with the community to run discrete arts and gardening projects. You can listen to Avant-Gardeners, Lisa Cheung and Paul Green, talk about the project in the Soundcloud podcast below.After an intensive programme of flavour creating workshops in Greenwich schools before Christmas we began to focus on building partnerships with the schools and delivering gardening activities to help 'green' some of their spaces. Working in partnership with the schools we have started work on planning ODF side projects for the schools including: We have started planning an edible community garden in the front of Robert Owen Early Years Centre (just off Blackwall Lane).  The aim of this is to involve the children and local residents in setting up the garden and its ongoing maintenance as a shared community resource. We are also looking at a number of ideas to help support the bio-diversity in the area which is especially important now that the area is being developed.At Halstow Primary School we have started work re-invigorating the Wildlife Garden and hope to secure more funding to work with the children on arts and environment activities to enhance their experience of nature. We were delighted to find that the space already has a plentiful supply of wild garlic so it looks as if Wild Garlic Pesto ice cream could be on the menu! This work is going to be linked with The Bridge Community Centre in the East Greenwich Pleasaunce where we have been investigating the possible uses of the outdoor space as a new multi-purpose space for education and recreation.  The ODF unit will have a mini-residency at both the school, as part of their annual arts fair, and The Bridge during May.Elsewhere we have been continuing our collaborations with Assembly in Deptford  and on Saturday 3 May we will be joining them for a May Day themed party where we will be showcasing the Operation Deep Freeze unit with workshops from Lisa Cheung and Polly Brannan. There will also be a collection of weird and wonderful vintage films and found footage looking at the intersection between nature, play and Mayday ritualsIn the following week ODF will make its way through Greenwich before arriving at The Bridge on 11 May for more ice creams and workshops.

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