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Capital Clean-up Short Film

Posted by Katrina Ramsey on November 10, 2014

Celebrating Capital Clean-up 2014Thanks to all of the groups involved in Capital Clean-up this summer. It was great to see so many of you at the Capital Clean-up celebration event at the end of October. Here’s the short film showing some of the places volunteers transformed:(Also available on YouTube here).A big thank you to Groundwork for editing ... Continue reading »


Capital Clean-up is a Mayor of London led partnership programme enabling Londoners to volunteer and clean-up our city through local action.

Watch this space for new projects joining...


Castlehaven Community Gardening

At Castlehaven we have 4 acres of green space just off Camden high street and would love to transform it into a vibrant and loved park space that is rich in biodiversity, that provides opportunities for the community to learn about gardening, food growing and environmental issues.We run community gardening sessions every Thursday from 11- 1pm, where we focus on organic gardening and wildlife gardening in and around Castlehaven. We are also planning to create a designated Community garden area.Activities: Every Thursday we have a drop in gardening session from 11am - 1pm. Come and join inSo far we have: Built raised beds and have been growing fruit, vegetables and herbs.We have been drying herbs for teas and collecting excess fruits for Jam/ jellies.Planted 2 areas with wildflowersCreated a woodland edge habitat, we found 6 different bee speciesWe have been propogated plants, taking cuttings and growing from seedOther activities Walks and talks: Edible plants walk, Tree walk and identification, What is organic gardening? Wildlife walk, MicrogardeningGardening with the Camden societyWorkshops with EcologistsGardening with the Under 5's drop inSchools environment projectsWE ARE ALSO A ORGANIC VEG BOX PICK UP POINT! - More info @ projects: Planting an OrchardWildlife areaGreen creations- Gardening and arts project with The Camden SocietyCastlehaven is a community association that has been working with the most disadvantaged sectors of the community for the last 28 years (e.g. young unemployed, isolated elderly, lone parents etc).Castlehaven’s mission is to ensure that everybody feels heard, valued & has the opportunity to try &/or learn something new in a positive, supportive environment. We do this by:- Providing classes, groups and activities for all sections of the community.- Representing local opinion at local, borough-wide and national forums.- Exploring and developing innovative and effective ways of promoting social inclusion.- Developing local solutions to local problems and promoting standards of good practice.

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Forest School in Marcus Garvey Park

This project will transform the neglected woodland area in Marcus Garvey Park into a forest school area for the education of local school students and for the enjoyment of all park users.The Friends of Marcus Garvey Park are a voluntary community group whose vision is to transform the neglected park into a vibrant centre for the community. In 2014, we held 16 community gardening days, which attracted over 230 participants.The Friends and council have received numerous complaints about the neglected state of the woodland area in Marcus Garvey Park. The area is considered an eyesore and a hazardous area, due to:- Rubbish strewn through the inaccessible areas- Food waste dumping, causing illnesses in dogs- Rough sleeping- Fly-tipping of mattresses, wardrobes and household itemsWe saw the potential to turn the area into something special, for the education and enjoyment of local schoolchildren and all park visitors.   This project will connect children to the environment, and help them to appreciate it and care for it more. Children will participate in the design and construction of the features of the forest school area, to help connect them to the environment. The Forest School project will encourage outdoor learning and play activities by making them more accessible. The schools currently bus their student off-site for their Forest School activities.   Providing this facility on the doorstep of two schools enables more spontaneous and frequent activities.   It provides an opportunity for creative play in a natural environment in an extremely urban area . Biodiversity will be increased, waste will be reduced by creating an on-site leaf composting area, and a valuable green space will be opened up in one of the most densely populated areas of the UK, where most people do not have a garden.Volunteers and students will plant native woodland flowering plants, create a stag beetle loggery, mini-beast searching area, leaf composting area, woodland path, bug hotels and craft items to enhance the area.  Access to the woodland area will be improved by the clearing of nettles and rubbish and the construction of the new woodland path.We look forward to keeping you informed of the project's progress through 2015.   Our first steps will be to engage the local schools in the design process, and clearing some of the nettles and rubbish early in 2015.  




Bulb planting day

13:30, Saturday 20th December

Hosted by: shortsean

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Capital Clean-up


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Bulb planting day

London | Hammersmith & Fulham | Olympia

The Metropolitan Public Gardens Association have kindly given us 1,000 bulbs to plant in the park. ...