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Our Volunteers at the Ithaca House Clean Up Project

Posted by Humaira Hussain on October 2, 2015

Take a look at some of our fantastic volunteers cleaning up at INUF this summer as part of Capital Clean Up! Continue reading »


Capital Clean-up is a Mayor of London led partnership programme enabling Londoners to volunteer and clean-up our city through local action.

Watch this space for new projects joining...


Greening Willesden Green

In this project we are looking to Green our town of Willesden Green. Included in this project are improving the planting spaces in our two tube stations of Willesden Green and Dollis Hill. Proving planters on railings outside the stations. Growing Vegetables with children in boxes along our High Road. Encouraging our retailers to plant outside their premises. Planting tree pits and other growing/greening activities in the town.We are looking to encourage not only children but also adults with no garden or issues to assist in these projects.

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Claremont Gardens Capital Clean Up

Last week I was lucky enough to join in the Claremont Gardens clean-up organised by the ‘Surbiton Wildlife Group’ as part of the Capital Clean Up programme. Thanks to a grant and clean up kits provided by GroundWork and The GLA, the Surbiton wildlife group were able to transform the overgrown, unkempt local gardens in South West London to a beautiful open space! I arrived on day one of their two day clean up mission and was greeted by a dedicated team of around 40 volunteers, kitted out in their high-vis clean up jackets and armed with litter pickers. Over the span of the two days over 100 volunteers joined in, from local residents, children and some staff from the local Waitrose! Although the green space was a nice area and I noticed few people taking their lunch breaks there, due to neglect, the gardens had become unkempt and overgrown. As one of the volunteers noted, the area had much potential, so with their shovels, litter pickers, wheelbarrows, digging forks and rakes the volunteers set to work on cleaning up the area! Of the many improvements in Claremont Gardens a few included the water feature being cleared of plant debris, bins moved to litter hotspots, and the pond being cleared to reveal its much larger size. Over the two days volunteers removed two truckloads of plant debris and 10 bags of litter! The two-day project was a huge success as it not only cleaned up Claremont Gardens, but was also an example of the amazing community spirit in Surbiton!

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