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Posted by Nadine Aljandali on November 16, 2017

We're celebrating #LocalCharitiesDay together with Community Channel. What is Local Charities Day? Local Charities Day takes place on 15 December 2017. Led by the Office for Civil Society, the day will celebrate and shine a spotlight on the work of small local charities and community groups. The day will provide local charities with a platform to promote the fantastic ... Continue reading »


A network of community projects located in the London borough of Camden

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Calthorpe Project Community Garden

A one-acre organic community garden where local people can grow their own food, attend weekly food growing support sessions, participate in cultural food growing events and grow herbs and vegetables to sell to residents and use in our cafe.Recognised as an inner-city oasis in the heart of Kings Cross, The Calthorpe Project brings together people of different ages, cultures, and abilities to enjoy open green space and recreational facilities. Situated in an area of deprivation we specialise in supporting vulnerable and excluded people and groups.

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Mucky Falls

The lower waterfall at Waterlow Park is a very serene landscape; it flows under a footbridge and terraces down into four pools before eventually emptying into the bottom pond of the little watershed. The fallen leaves and slight chill in the air creates a nearly perfect fall landscape, however one element seemed to be missing, the sound of falling water. Although it was clear that water should be flowing down the pools, it was still at each level. Luckily, Green Gym volunteers were not hesitant to strap on their wellies and hop into the muck-filled pools of the lower waterfall to investigate the problem. Only when they began walking around the small pools did we realize just how much debris had accumulated over the years. The smell of low tide filled the air as volunteers started at the lowest pool, raking up ankle deep mud from below the water. The group continued to scoop up piles of decaying leaves, sticks, bush and dirt that had been blocking the falls. Scoop by scoop and pool by pool, the water slowly began to flow again. The sound of flowing water acted as immediate confirmation that our actions were making a difference, and made the group want to work that much harder toward making a difference for this green space. We had become so consumed with clearing the pools that no one noticed birds landing on the piles of muck that had accumulated on the bank. The waste that had only been hindering the flow of water was now serving as a food source for local birds! Soon birds were even joining us in the small pools, wading through the cleared waters in search of food that had been stirred up from the bottom. After hauling away three barrows worth of mud, volunteers did some final clearing at each level of the falls and the floodgates opened! Water was rushing down some levels and we watched more birds flock to the pool in search of a new bounty. Hopefully this new habitat can become home to frogs, and the debris can house snails, insects as well as acting as a fertilizer for the small woodland. It was a great day well worth the work put in, plus volunteers got to make some new feathered friends!



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