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Team Ponding

Posted by The Conservation Volunteers Camden on February 22, 2017

It is very rare that anything unsettles our conservation volunteers at TCV's Camden Green Gym, however you could sense a little waver in the group's enthusiasm when we initially approached the staff pond at Highgate's Waterlow Park. This little pond, tucked away from private view, at one time offered a little haven for the hard working grounds-people ... Continue reading »


A network of community projects located in the London borough of Camden

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Calthorpe Project Community Garden

A one-acre organic community garden where local people can grow their own food, attend weekly food growing support sessions, participate in cultural food growing events and grow herbs and vegetables to sell to residents and use in our cafe.Recognised as an inner-city oasis in the heart of Kings Cross, The Calthorpe Project brings together people of different ages, cultures, and abilities to enjoy open green space and recreational facilities. Situated in an area of deprivation we specialise in supporting vulnerable and excluded people and groups.

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Free solar for your community building?

I'm work for climate change charity 10:10. We make practical and positive projects happen to tackle climate change. We're currently looking to invite people to be part of a special project we're racing to get off the ground.Here's the short version: we’re going to ask people all around the country and the world to crowdfund to put free solar panels on your building.Yup, that's right. Solar panels, on your building. For free.Why?!Well, here's the long version. Last year Prince (as in, Prince) sadly left us. In the wake of his death we discovered that he'd been an undercover philanthropist, funneling money to important causes.One of those causes was clean energy - turns out he was secretly paying for people in Oakland, California, to have free solar panels installed on their homes.So this year, to celebrate his life, we will invite Prince's fan base worldwide to honour and extend that legacy by funding free solar panel installations for organisations working on the other causes Prince held dear.From our research we know he supported the following causes Performing arts centres/schoolsPoverty alleviationSexual health clinicsGender rights & issuesCoding for kidsUrban farmsRacial justiceDisability charities Animal welfareMigrant rights and human rightsBy joining in you could get free, clean electricity straight from the sun - meaning more money to spend on your work - and exposure through our campaign comms. And together we'll bring people together to fight climate change and strengthen your work.What's the catch?Well, there really isn't one. There's no cost to you for this, except for a bit of your time. And how much time you put in is up to you. If it all sounds too much then no problem - it's not for you this time round.Interested?Email Max, my colleague who is leading on this work at [email protected] or call the office on 0207 388 6688 and ask to have a chat with him.Time is of the essence (we plan to go live on the anniversary of Prince's death, 21st April) - but we've got a solar installation partner onboard that's raring to go. And we've done this kind of thing before - so we know how it works.So, now all we need is you!If you'd like to explore being involved, or you're just intrigued to know more - let me Max know and he can arrange to set up a very short call to put some meat on the bone.




West Hampstead Green Gym at Westbere Copse

10:45, Friday 18th August

Hosted by: West Hampstead Green Gym

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Camden Green Gym at Waterlow Park

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Help us to preserve this site's beauty and wildlife while improving your health. The day's project ...



Depressed Cake Shop for Environmentalists

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London | Camden | Camden Town

As part of the Camden Health Kick programme, Poppy Fishman will be leading interactive gardening sessions ...

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