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Want to start crowdfunding on your project page?

Posted by James A. Baker on June 6, 2013

Want to start crowdfunding on your project page? We want to make it easier for projects to crowdfund on their project pages so we've got a widget (like this one) to do just that! Want to start crowdfunding? 1. Fill out the form below: Loading... 2. We will talk you through how to get started and what Project Dirt ... Continue reading »


Welcome to the Preston Cluster! This page brings together community action taking place across the city.

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UCLan SU Food Co-Op

UCLan SU is launching a new volunteer-run Food Co-Operative, targeting staff and students in the first pilot phase to become members of a veg-box scheme. The scheme is slowing growing and we are always looking for volunteers to assist with taking members orders, placing orders through the suppliers, taking deliveries and manning a weekly stall to give out deliveries to members of the scheme.

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Have you seen our new volunteering tool yet?

Hello Dirters,Have you seen our new volunteering tool yet?There are two main things that you can use the tool for:1. It allows you to search for volunteering opportunities that are specific to your needs and wants - whether it be interest area, geographical location and/or frequency of opportunity. No more trawling the site for opportunities that aren't relevant to you. Once you've found something you like, book yourself in and the project contact will be in touch!2. It can also be utilised to list your project volunteering opportunities, in a place where they are easily visible to the PD community (next to the Events button on the homepage). Whether it be a one-off event or a regular opportunity, simply go to the green 'Volunteering' tab on your project page, submit your details and sit back as a flurry of budding volunteers come calling.Why not look for an opportunity now or add your own via your project page?If you have any questions, don't hesitate to drop me a line at!James




Lancashire Encounter

10:00, Friday 25th September

Hosted by: James A. Baker

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Preston's open mind festival

North West | Lancashire | Preston

This educational and entertainment event with arts and music, for the wellbeing of the community, is ...