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Volunteers Welcome

Refill London - Action Day - Southbank 

14:00, Wednesday 7th March
17:00, Wednesday 7th March
London | Lambeth
@RefillLondon #RefillLondon
15Hatfields, Chadwick Court SE1 8DJ (map)
Volunteer event


Our mission is to make Refill London HUGE, and to do this we need YOU to help us sign up as many Refill Stations as possible – making refill culture easy, normal and accessible to all.

We are heading to the Southbank area on Wednesday 7th March, to sign up as many Refill Stations as we can. We will be approaching all kinds of independent businesses; cafes, restaurants, bars, shops, florists, hairdressers. They don't need to be a catering establishment to offer tap water refills: we want to make refilling water bottles on the go convenient and simple.

This will be an afternoon Action Day (up to 3 hours) and will include a quick 20-minute briefing where we hand out our Volunteer Guides and get you ready to sign up some Refill Stations!

Full details of timing and meeting place will be confirmed.

Sign up to see a list of all other upcoming Action Days or to even register to hold your own Action Day or to be a Solo Refill Champion.

Refill London - Action Day - Southbank

London | Lambeth


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